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Don't Mistake Not Getting Better For Not Getting Worse

Not Getting Better(Click on the image or the title to view the video.)

Don’t Mistake “Not getting better” for “Can’t get worse”

Henry was a carpenter.  He was a simple man who worked with his hands his whole life.  That’s why it seemed so unfair that he developed a degenerative nerve disease that began by stealing the use of his hands.

When his doctors decided what disease he had, they gave him only a few months to live.  By now, he was beginning to see changes in his legs and walking was becoming difficult.  Henry’s back and neck were bothering him and he had to use a walker to get around, making things for his back worse. Henry’s grandson was in chiropractic school at the time, so it made sense to him that grandpa should go to see his chiropractor for help.

Dr. Arnie told grandpa that he had a number of vertebral subluxations, misalignments that cause nerve interference at the spinal cord, that had been there for a very long time.  He told Henry that, even though the degeneration in his spine was probably permanent, his body would work better without the nerve interference from his subluxations.  Henry decided to give it a try.

In spite of what his medical doctors had told him, Henry did not continue to degenerate and die in a few short months.  After beginning chiropractic care, his illness went into remission.  He disease progression slowed.  He was able to build up his strength and walk on his own.  Things stayed pretty much the same, not getting better but not getting a lot worse for two years.  Then things changed.

As I said, Henry was a simple man.  He was always taught that if things aren’t getting better then you should try something different.  So he did.  Henry stopped going for his regular adjustments and started with physical therapy and medical treatment.  Almost immediately, his illness began to progress.  His doctors told him they were surprised he had gone this long without getting worse and he should consider himself lucky.  When he finally agreed to go back to Dr. Arnie, it was too late.  His illness had progressed beyond his body’s ability to heal and he was gone. And yes, Henry was my grandfather.

Sometimes, we are asked by our practice members, “When is this going to get better?”  Sometimes, our practice members tell us, “I think I’m going to take a break.  It’s not getting better anyway.”  Sometimes, they say, “Well, how much worse can it get?  It hasn’t gotten any worse in so long.”  Every time, I think of Henry.

Do you think that the decisions you make today may affect your health tomorrow?  When we assume that things are not getting any better and that they can’t get any worse, we fail to consider the possibility that “not getting worse” may be the best our body can do at the moment.  And, we fail to recognize that we each have within us “Dr. You”, our Innate Intelligence, that heals, mends, protects, and regulates everything our body does and constantly strives to make us better.

We have no way to know how long healing may take.  Sometimes healing takes place and things noticeably improve.  Sometimes healing takes place and we stay where we are.  Our healing prevents us from getting worse.  And, sometimes healing can’t keep up with the forces that are breaking us down.

What remains most important is that we maintain our faith in our inherent ability to heal.  Healing always comes from inside.  Just like when we were kids and our mom put a bandaid on a cut, kissed it and told us it would get better in a little while.  The body does the healing.  It is up to us to keep the interference to that healing under control.

The best doctor in the world is inside each of us.  Regular chiropractic care allows Dr. You to work without interference so you can enjoy all of the life your body is capable of.




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  1. Don Hall says
    Nov 02, 2017 at 1:36 PM

    Nothing better than a true story!

    • says
      Nov 08, 2017 at 6:08 PM

      Agreed! Thanks for your response!

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