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Prenatal Chiropractic at Branchville Family Chiropractic

Dr Kim adjusting pregnant womanPrenatal Chiropractic Helps to Optimize Pregnancy

For most women, chiropractic adjustments can be safely and comfortably received throughout the entire course of pregnancy.

We have years of experience in helping to care for our moms-to-be, and we feature specialized training designed to optimize not only the pregnancy itself, but the birth outcome as well.

The Webster Technique

This adjustment method involves a specific chiropractic analysis of the pelvis, with emphasis on the positioning of the sacrum and sacro-iliac joints during pregnancy. It’s all about creating an optimal environment for the baby, with a lessening of negative conditions for the mom.

Many of our pregnant moms experience the following benefits from our specific chiropractic adjustments:

  • A better chance for a natural delivery
  • Decreased back pain, fatigue, constipation and sciatica
  • Increased comfort
  • Less time in the delivery room
  • Optimal positioning of the infant for an optimal birth outcome
  • Reduced need for pain medication during delivery

Nature Usually Needs No Help

The intelligence in your body and in your baby’s body will work perfectly every time, given that there’s no interference in the process. Here’s what you can do to optimize your pregnancy:

  • Consume healthy, whole foods
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Move; exercise is very important
  • Visit with us for our gentle pregnancy care as soon as you know you’re pregnant

You Can Trust Our Experience

Our moms-to-be find it easy and comfortable to share their problems and extend their trust. We have decades of experience in helping to promote healthy, fulfilling pregnancies. Contact Branchville Family Chiropractic today, and let’s get started! We accept insurance and feature late hour for your convenience.


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