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Can Birth Really Be That Traumatic?

babyinfantbranchvilleTraumatic Birth Syndrome, Birth Trauma – they both refer to the same thing – the negative effects of today’s birthing methods on a newborn. Oh, you may think your newborn looks healthy enough. And… your baby’s doctor might even assure you that you have a “healthy baby boy or girl.” But what can’t you and your baby’s doctor see that might be lying just beneath the surface?

Birth trauma to a newborn is almost a given. Think about it… most mothers give birth lying down. This position works contrary to the laws of gravity and reduces the size of the mother’s pelvic opening. Then there’s the force that pushes the baby through the birth canal into the world, often with a lot of pulling and twisting that affects the infant’s delicate head, neck and spine.

Now… let’s add some “mechanical” assistance, maybe some forceps or a vacuum extraction. These common, everyday birth practices produce birth trauma. Some types of birth trauma can be serious, such as spinal cord and brain stem injuries, neurological defects, and sudden infant death syndrome. Less life-threatening birth trauma may result in learning disabilities, inadequate immune system functioning and hearing/vision problems, along with colic, ear infections and asthma.

Many experts are proposing that some changes be made and be made quickly. They are recommending a birthing position that works with gravity, standing or squatting, that also allows for full opening of the pelvis. This position requires less pushing, pulling and twisting and less pressure exerted on the infant.

Most chiropractors believe that every infant should be checked for subluxation (nerve interference) as soon after birth as possible. Traumatic Birth Syndrome can result in immediate life-threatening symptoms or it can weaken one’s potential over the years. To ensure your baby is on the best road possible for optimal health, be sure to arrange a newborn chiropractic exam as soon after delivery as possible.

Be proactive and give your baby his or her chance at the best possible life experience. Subluxation causes disease that can rob your child of an active, healthy and long life.

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