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Common NOT Normal

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Common Not Normal

Click the headline above to watch today’s post, which  addresses the misconception that many people hold regarding the “usual” signs and symptoms of body malfunction that they regularly experience that they believe to be their “normal.”. Click on the picture or the title to watch our short video or read the text below. After you see the message, join the conversation on our Facebook page to find out what other people are discovering about their health and well-being. Your insights may help someone else to a better life through chiropractic care.


Have you ever heard anyone describe their problem as, “The usual headaches,” “The normal back pains,” “The common muscle aches and pains.” It almost seems that people believe that because they experience aches, pains and body malfunctions on a regular basis, they believe them to be “normal,” as if everyone experiences the same things.

The simple fact is, virtually all of the signs of a malfunctioning body that chronically sick or suffering people experience, from simple aches and pains to severe headaches, allergies, or other ailments, may be common but they are NOT NORMAL. The signs that the body sends us to signal these things are indications that there is something abnormal taking place. Symptoms are a normal function of the body bringing our attention to a problem. They are not THE problem.

Symptoms are warning signs that the body puts in place to protect us. Symptoms tell our brain that there is something wrong or injured so we don’t do things to hurt it more. Symptoms are the stop sign at the end of the road, preventing us from driving into traffic or to the point that things break down beyond the body’s ability for correction.

Think of the red light on the dashboard that says “OIL.”  It comes on when the car’s engine is dangerously low on oil pressure so we know to check the oil level before it’s too late. If we were to assume that the oil light being on was just a “usual” and bothersome light, we might ignore it until a more serious and substantial effect of running the car without oil showed up.

Most of us wouldn’t do that to our car. So, why do we do it to our bodies?

Because personal responsibility for our health has been relegated to doctors and pharmaceutical companies, many people have been led to believe that sickness, pain and suffering are normal and to be expected because everybody gets them. We have been taught to cover up the signs and symptoms that our bodies create for our protection until it’s too late and we are forced to seek medical help.

As a society, we have been taught from the time we are young that we require outside intervention to make things right on the inside. We have lost our connection to the body’s incredible Power of Self-Healing. We have forgotten what normal really is.

Normal is a body that responds appropriately and adapts to changes in its environment. Normal is a body that resists disease and maintains itself when attacked. Normal is a body that heals itself without outside intervention.

Normal is exceptional, just NOT common.

When we give our bodies what they need to function normally, good nutrition, clean water, regular rest and exercise and an interference free nerve system, we are able to experience normal consistently.

Be exceptional.

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