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Fall Into Healthy Habits
& Save Up To $100 Off Of Your Initial Chiropractic Visit!

Our health is always moving in one direction or another–it’s either improving or deteriorating. Following are five areas that have a great impact on our health. Choose one or two areas and strive to improve, even by just a little bit. With a few easy changes you can fall into healthier habits!

1. Eat Well – You are what you eat!

Every day our body makes trillions of new cells to replace the old ones. The quality of the foods we put into our body will determine the quality of the new cells our body makes. Research shows that healthy balanced eating habits maintained over time are an important key to better health. With our food supply depleted and our time and stress so high, it’s also important to supplement our diet with a good quality supplement. Choose to replace some of your less healthy food choices with whole nutritious fruits and vegetables, lean meats and limited whole grains.

2. Move Your Body – Use it or lose it!

Regular exercise benefits our body in so many ways, improving our cardiovascular system, immune system, hormonal system, digestion, mood and attitude. A lack of exercise has been shown to aggravate a variety of health problems. Regular exercise doesn’t necessarily mean running marathons either. Just get up and move more! If you were to exercise 5% more, what could you do?

3. Rest – For body repair and growth.

Our lifestyles and the stress we’re under push us to the limit. When we sleep or rest, our body regenerates itself. Recent studies have shown that getting adequate rest aids weight loss, decreases stress hormones and improves other health measures. What steps can you take to get more rest?

4. Hydrate – Everything depends on it.

Our bodies are made of over 70% water. Keeping ourselves well hydrated helps us on so many levels. It can benefit our mood, thinking, focus and sleep. Staying well-hydrated can help us be less stiff and sore, help our skin and our digestion. Not everything we drink is hydrating, however. Some foods (highly processed foods) and beverages (coffee, soda, alcohol) actually leach the water from our bodies. Drink more water and foods with high water content and reap the benefits.

5. A Good Attitude In Life – You become what you think about.

Focusing on problems or lack will only bring you more of the same. Maintaining a positive attitude, looking toward solutions and being thankful for what we have, not only brings us more peace of mind, but it also greatly benefits our health. How can you do this? First, turn off the news. Pray/meditate regularly; read uplifting books or watch funny movies; get out in nature; spend time with family and friends; start a gratitude journal.

6. A Good Nerve Supply – We live our life through our nerve system.

Everything you experience, everything you do, everything going on within your body all happens through the nerve system. Every organ, tissue, function and system of the body relies on a good nerve supply. It only makes sense that we need a healthy nerve system to have the best life and health possible.

How do you improve the function of your nerve system?

Chiropractic care focuses on improving the function of your nerve system, thus improving the function of your whole body. Nerve system interference occurs without any noticeable symptoms in the majority of cases. By the time pain or symptoms are present, significant damage has already occurred. (Think of the time it takes for a cavity to develop into a toothache or for breast cancer to become noticeable) So, we need to check our spine and nerve system on a regular basis to be sure that we’ve got optimal nerve function and optimal health.

Better Health Can Be Yours

To get you started, give us a call at (973) 948-5556, mention our “Fall Into Healthy Habits” offer and we’ll send you a “Welcome To Our Practice” gift certificate valued up to $100. We will apply the certificate towards your initial visit which includes:

  • consultation,
  • examination,
  • necessary x-rays,
  • posture analysis,
  • and report of findings.

The cost of these services ranges from $175-$250. Depending on your needs, your certificate will cover up to $100 towards your out-of-pocket expenses. Offer expires on 12/15/2021.

Contact us today and save up to $100 off of your initial chiropractic visit!


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