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Exercise at the Gym or Chiropractic Adjustments

Gym or Adjustments

A practice member called me yesterday to say that he had started going to a gym and his back didn’t hurt any more so he didn’t need to continue with chiropractic care. This raised a few concerns for me and I decided that I needed to clear this up with my other practice members and the many people who follow us on our Weekly Wellness Minutes.


First, I don’t know where the idea that exercise could replace chiropractic care comes from. I’ve heard this more than once and it just doesn’t make sense.


Chiropractic adjustments allow the body to function at its best and to heal more efficiently when injured. That’s why so many professional athletes make sure they get checked and adjusted when necessary to maintain peak performance. They understand that nothing they do for their bodies can achieve maximum results if their nerve system is working at less than optimum function.

So, not only does exercise at the gym not replace the need for chiropractic care, it makes it that much more important if you want to get the most from your workout, avoid injury and optimize health.


When someone begins care with us, usually as the result of an ache, a pain, a disease or a condition, we try to make clear that it’s not how you feel but how you heal that is most important to your health and well-being. While we understand that most people’s primary concern is with feeling better, long term improvement in health relies on healing better. The true benefit of chiropractic care is in enhanced health and well-being for the long run. Feeling better is a bonus many receive when enough healing has occurred.


So, by all means, continue with your exercise program. As we’ve covered in the past, exercise is essential to overall well-being. And, keep in mind that a healthy, interference free nerve system is the key to getting the most from everything else you do to get and stay healthy.

If you would like to know the difference a chiropractic adjustment can make in your body’s function, give us a call at (973)948-5556 to make your next appointment.



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