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Fit Over 40

Jump Start Your Healthiest Life with Expert Guidance

scale with an apple and a tape measureWe all know that we need to be proactive about our health, but we often make excuses. It’s so easy to give up before you even begin. Some of us wait until the onset of high blood pressure, diabetes or other illnesses to start a fitness routine.

That’s where Fit Over 40 comes in. Drs. Greg and Kim Stetzel have years of experience as chiropractors helping folks embrace healthy living. They guide you through proper chiropractic care along with other wellness providers so you can start and stick with your health routine.

A Team That Knows Your Struggle

Dr. Greg has met and exceeded his own fitness goals and after years of struggling with his weight. He knows just how hard it can be to get on the path to wellness. That’s why he has developed the Fit Over 40 program – to help YOU jumpstart your path to wellness.

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Dr. Greg offers his perspective behind Fit Over 40 here.

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