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Pierce Results System

Reflex hammer

Think of our adjusting instrument as a high tech reflex hammer that gently moves the bone back into position.

We use the Pierce Results System as a way of evaluating your spine, noticing how it moves through what should be normal ranges of motion. Spinal problems are revealed by having you turn and bend in specific ways. This thorough biomechanical analysis provides the basis for making a specific and highly-effective adjustment using either our hands or a handheld instrument.

The Instrument

Our instrument, the Precision Spinal Adjuster, delivers a precise, variable, and reproducible series of “taps” on suspected vertebrae through a pressure activated mechanism that delivers the adjustive thrust. Think of it as a small reflex hammer. As the instrument taps on the fixed vertebra to unlock it from its stuck position, a noticeable change in audible tone signals that a correction is made. You’ll hear the difference as each segment assumes a more competent position. With this instrument, we can safely and effectively adjust the most frail to the most tense patient.

The Table

It’s also common to use a specialized adjusting table with cushions that “drop” away. This reduces the amount of energy needed to make changes in your neck and pelvis. Plus, drop tables are famous for increasing patient comfort and results.

The Results

Vertebral Subluxation creates an inflammatory response that can be measured by changes in temperature. We’ll monitor your progress and watch for pattern changes along your spine by using highly-sensitive temperature measuring equipment.

As better spinal function returns and nerve interference is reduced, your body’s inborn healing ability will be enhanced and another chiropractic success story is sure to be recorded!