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Is It Expensive To Stay Healthy?

Expensive to Stay Healthy

Is It Expensive To Stay Healthy?

So, you think it’s expensive to stay healthy.

Have you ever bought a bottle of water? If you have, you likely paid $1 or more for an 11 ounce bottle. That’s over $11 for a gallon of water.

Why are people willing to $11 a gallon for something they can get for free at home? Because, they have been lead to believe that drinking bottled water is better for their health than drinking tap water.

All of this in spite of the reports that many of the bottled water companies simply bottle untreated tap water and label it “spring water.”

People increasingly pay a premium today for organically grown and processed food because they believe it is better for their health. They pay for gym and health club membersips, massages, vitamins and nutritional supplements, acupuncture, self-help books and programs and for chiropractic care and they say that it is expensive to stay healthy.

And I say, “I agree.” It can be expensive to stay healthy and yet, consider the alternative.

What does it cost you to get sick? I mean really sick. And, notice that I asked “What” does it cost you, not how much.

Did you know that 2/3 of Americans say they can’t afford to be sick?

You see, the cost of getting sick far outweighs the cost of staying healthy today. In fact, the cost in lost resources due to serious illness can strip away your life’s savings and send you deep into debt in a matter of a few short months. If the illness becomes long term, the effects can be devastating.

It has been estimated that senior citizens will expend ALL of their life savings in their final 13 weeks of life, trying to regain their health and extend their lives.

It’s not just financial cost either. Lost health and well-being robs you of the enjoyment that a life well-lived provides and leaves you with less quality time with family and friends, less pleasure in retirement, more pain and illness – suffering rather than enjoyment.

While it may be expensive to stay healthy, in the long run, investing in your health now may lead to a happier, healthier life later.

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