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Resources for you While Sheltering in Place

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During this time of CoVid-19 and Sheltering in place, we are all experiencing significantly increased physical, chemical and emotional stresses.  To help your body better adapt, the goal is to decrease whatever stresses we can and increase the health and well-being of our body.  If you are still coming in, know your adjustments are helping you with that.  If you have taken a break for now, know that the adjustments you have had have helped your body be more adaptable!  Following are some resources to help you during this time.

Straighten UP America

This is a quick easy program you and your family can do in just a few minutes a day, which will enhance your health and make you look and feel better. The Straighten Up America program is designed to improve posture and function, stabilize core muscles, enhance spinal and neurological health and prevent spinal subluxations.  CLICK HERE  to access videos walking you through the exercises as well as a link to download a PDF of the exercises.

QiGong for Immunity

As defined by the National QiGong association, “Qigong can be described as a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one’s mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, sound, and focused intent.”  We have been practicing QiGong for a number of years.  One of our teachers has released a terrific resource of QiGong exercises specifically targeted to reduce stress and improve immune and respiratory system function.  Click the following link to get access to these practices. CLICK HERE


Over the years, we have delivered a number of classes on Emotional Freedom Technique.  The following link takes you to a site where you can learn how to use this powerful technique to reduce stress and anxiety.  Search the site to learn about tapping and the tapping points.  (We can also supply you with the notes from our EFT Class) There is also a free app that you can download on your phone which takes you through some tapping meditations.  They have recently added free tapping meditations specifically for this time of CoronaVirus.  CLICK HERE to access the website.

Virtual Tours

The following link takes you to a list of 30 Museums, Zoos and Theme parks offering Virtual Tours CLICK HERE 

Workout at Home

Missing the gym?  The following link takes you to a list of 50 free online workouts you can do at home.  As with any exercise, be sure to start slowly and listen to your body!!  CLICK HERE.  Of course, getting outside is great for the fresh air, connection with nature, sunshine (on some days) and change of scenery.  In Sussex County, we are blessed with a great system of trails.  CLICK HERE for a map of Sussex County trails.  Although the parks in NJ are closed right now, there are a few of these trails that are still open.  If you can’t get on a trail, Branchville is a great little town to walk around.   Weather not conducive to walking?  Here’s another at home workout site called Walk At Home


A good friend’s daughter has created a free resource of remote learning dance classes.  These are designed for all ages – from kids to seniors.  CLICK HERE to go to her page.

Stay Connected

While we can’t see our loved ones in person, we can keep connected through technology. Video chat with friends and family through apps like Facetime, Marco Polo and Zoom, host virtual get togethers on HouseParty or play games as a group on Join a virtual book club, or start your own.


Laughter really is the best medicine – it decreases stress hormones and gives a boost to your immune system.  There are lots of great movies and sitcoms out there.  A quick search of “funniest movies of all time” will give you some great ideas. (Here’s one  list)  Here’s a link to come “cheesy” clean jokes CLICK HERE.  Next is a link to a classic Carol Burnett skit with Tim Conway - THE DENTIST

 Life Adjusted

This great documentary tells of the work of a good friend, Dr. Jay Komarek.  It follows Dr. Jay’s work with a horribly abused horse.  The story chronicles the bond between human and animal and shares the healing that comes from passion, love and perseverance.   The video is free to watch if you’re an Amazon Prime member.  CLICK HERE to check it out.

Got other great resources to share?  Let us know.


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  1. MAUREEN A Madigan RN says
    May 11, 2021 at 9:47 PM

    I adore and got a big smile on my face just from reading your links. I can't wait to get an appointment with the Happy D.C'.s. I need assistance ridding myself of body pain from Multiple Sclerosis. Maureen

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