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Running On Empty

Running On Empty 12

Are you running on empty?

We frequently meet people who say, “When my problem gets bad, I’m going to see a doctor, but it’s not too bad right now and I don’t have time to do anything about it.”  They treat their health in the same fashion as someone who looks at the gas needle approaching empty and thinks, “I wonder how far I can go before I run out of gas?”

If you have ever run out of gas miles from the nearest gas station, you know how much it can mess up your day.  And, imagine what it would be like if it was raining or snowing or over 100 degrees or if you had no idea where the nearest gas station was located and you hadn’t seen another car on the road for hours.  What started out as a minor inconvenience could quickly escalate to a life threatening ordeal.

Treating your health with that same level of neglect can have very serious consequences and result in much more than an inconvenient ache or pain.  Failing to heed the warning signs that your body sends you can have a devastating impact on your well-being.

We are bombarded with information on a daily basis on the importance of diet and exercise, brushing our teeth, regular checkups, and taking care of our bodies BEFORE the warning signs of disease and malfunction appear.

Yet, far too many people either ignore the warnings or fail to take the time and effort to do what is necessary to insure their continued good health.  They are watching the needle move toward empty and trying to see how far they can go before they are forced to stop.

Perhaps there is a better, more beneficial approach to health and well-being that we should all pursue.  If we took the time to eat sensibly, exercise regularly, take a quality multi-vitamin, get the proper amount of sleep, and address body imbalances and malfunctions we would see a dramatic improvement in our health.  We would suddenly find that we have enough energy to get through the day.  We would be able to think more clearly.  We would get sick less often.  Every aspect of our lives would improve, a little bit at a time, rather than continuing on a downward spiral.

So, what can you do right now to start to change how you do things?  Consult with experts in the fields of nutrition and exercise.  See a chiropractor to find out about optimizing body function and structural alignment.  Educate yourself on the best ways to get and keep your body WELL – BEFORE things start to go wrong.  Do whatever you can to refill your “health” tank so you can reach your destination.

Your health and well-being are your responsibility.  Don’t wait until they are gone to try to get them back.

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