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September is First Responder's Month

1st Responders


Chiropractors Declare September “First Responders Month”

The devastation of storms, fires and other disasters takes a toll on the citizens of our State and Nation and dramatically affects thousands of lives. One group of people has worked tirelessly during these highly stressful times to insure the safety and security of everyone impacted by life’s storms – our local, state, and national First Responders.

At times when everyone is securing their property, gathering their families and planning their escape from tragedy, the Police, Sheriff’s Officers, Fire Fighters, Emergency Rescue, Paramedics and others are leaving their personal lives behind for the benefit of their communities. They endure personal sacrifice to ensure the safety and security of all those in harm’s way and do everything they can to minimize the impact that these events have on people’s lives.

“In gratitude for the selfless service of our First Responders, the members of the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (IFCO) have declared the month of September to be, First Responders Month”, says Dr. Greg Stetzel of Branchville, New Jersey, a community hit hard by past year’s storms. “As Doctors of Chiropractic, we know how physical, chemical and mental stresses affect the body and in particular, the spine and nerve system, resulting in spinal misalignment and lost health. We feel we owe it to our First Responders to return the care and concern for them that they have shown for us through their service.”

To thank the communities First Responders for their service and to help to ensure their health and well-being, members of the IFCO are offering complimentary Chiropractic Spinal Health Screenings to all interested members of their First Responder teams and organizations. These screenings will be conducted at the expense of participating IFCO members at their offices during the month of September.

The program for First Responders Month, “In The Calm Before The Storm” is being supported by IFCO members throughout the Nation. All First Responders are eligible to receive this service and are able to take advantage of it by calling a participating IFCO member in or near their community. Contact the IFCO representative below or locate a member near you from the member directory at

Your local participating Sussex County, NJ IFCO member for the September First Responders Month program is:

Branchville Family Chiropractic, Drs. Greg and Kim Stetzel at 10 Newton Ave., Branchville, NJ.  They can be reached by calling (973)948-5556 or on-line through their website by going to the First Responders web page at


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