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Your Second Progress Evaluation Visit


You have reached another important milestone in your care program. On your next visit, we will be conducting your second evaluation to document the progress you have made.

By now, most, if not all of your original complaints may have either diminished or improved completely. That’s great. Now is the time to see just how much healing has occurred so those improvements and others become more permanent. This is the time when your body strengthens and continues to create new healthy patterns.

At this second Progress Examination visit, we will be conducting evaluations to determine how you are responding to your chiropractic care on a functional basis. We will perform a Core Score analysis to determine how your nerve system is responding as well as a posture scan to see how your structure is improving. We will also be repeating some range of motion and other physical tests that were performed on your first visit. This should take approximately 15 minutes. We will then compare the results of your evaluation with your previous examination so we can review the findings with you on your next visit.

Important Points for Your Evaluation:

spine-illustration 1. Please arrive on time - while we usually have great flexibility with your adjustment visits, special appointments like this run on schedule. If you find you are running late, please call or text. We can get you in for an adjustment but may need to reschedule your evaluation.

2.Wear fitted clothing which allows you to move easily. Avoid loose fitting clothing (or dresses for the ladies). A shirt or top that can be tucked into your pants for posture evaluation allows us to get the best information on changes in your posture.

3.Avoid using more chemical substance than usual. Coffee, tea or medication (particularly muscle relaxers or pain killers) may affect the accuracy of your thermal and muscle scans. If you take these medications on the day of your examination, tell us beforehand so we can note this in your record.

4. Watch for things which can affect your skin temperature. Driving with your window open on your way to the office; coming in with wet hair; or coming right from being out in the sun can all affect your skin temperature and give false readings. Try to avoid these before your appointment.

5. Bring questions or concerns. This is a time to address your questions and concerns regarding any aspect of your care program and the progress you have made.

After your examination is completed and you have been checked for subluxations and adjusted if necessary, Lisa or Heather will set up a time for a Report of Findings on your next visit so we can review your progress and set recommendations. Plan on this visit taking an extra 10 minutes.

We will also determine if any additional reconstructive or rehabilitative exercises are appropriate for your continued improvement and stabilization and instruct you in how to perform them.

We look forward to seeing you on your next visit and moving you closer to the health and well-being that you expect and deserve.