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What We're Doing To Keep You Safe

Dr KimWhat We're Doing

What We’re Doing To Keep You Safe

Throughout the Corona Virus Shelter In Place Orders, Branchville Family Chiropractic has remained open to serve our patients and community with ESSENTIAL chiropractic care services.

We are open because we want you to be able to stay healthy and vital while you’re home and not add more stress by being limited in what you can do.  We’re open because we know that keeping a healthy spine and nerve system helps you to maintain a healthy body and immune system – so important right now!  We are open because when we are stressed, we can hold tension in our body which then impacts our well-being. Adjustments help us release this stress and helps us to better adapt to this stress.

Remaining open has come with a number of changes to our “business as usual” procedures and we want you to be aware of the lengths that we have gone to in order to make sure that we have a safe environment for you and your family when you come in to our office to get your chiropractic care.

For those of you who have chosen to remain under care during these trying times, you are aware of much of what we are doing to make sure that you are safe. For those of you who have not yet returned, be assured that we will continue to provide an optimal environment for your safety and comfort should you decide to return for care, now or in the future.

In order to conform to safe distancing protocols, we have gone to an appointment only format and schedule so that we are able to maintain social distance. We ask that you arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment time. If there is more than one other car in the parking lot, call or text to let us know you are here.  We will let you know when you can come in.  If there is one other car, you care welcome to come in and wait until we are ready to see you (either in the reception room or in the adjusting room which is not in use.)    We have our sign in computer up again.  If you are wearing gloves, you can use the screen.  Or, we have stylus pens available for use.  You can take a stylus, check in and then hand the stylus to Lisa for her to sanitize.  Of course, if you would prefer, Lisa will check you in herself.

We wear masks and wipe down all points of contact between each patient/family to insure your safety.    If you are running late or need to change your appointment, please call or text the office to let us know.  We will work with you to be able to get in.  If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can give your appointment time to someone else.  Special appointments are available outside of posted hours to accommodate our most vulnerable practice members.  Dr. Greg is back seeing new patients and performing re-evaluations.

If you are still in lock down mode and don’t want to leave the comfort and relative safety of your home but would still like to do whatever you can to preserve and enhance your health and well-being, we invite you to check out our resources page on our website or keep an eye on your e-mail for anything from Branchville Family Chiropractic. Dr. Kim and Dr. Greg are working to fill the website blog and e-mail queue with informative information and easy to do home exercise videos to keep you from going stir crazy as this continues.

Keep in mind that, “This too shall pass.” Once things get back to the new normal, we will come out of this experience stronger, smarter and better able to deal with whatever nature has in store for us next. Hopefully, we will all stay healthy and well and it is our goal to make sure that we do our part in keeping our patients and our community well for now and into the future.

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